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List of top 5 best Pest Control in Varanasi with charges

List of top 5 best Pest Control in Varanasi with charges

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Things that Attract Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are the most dangerous insects on the whole planet. They can cause you, your family and even your pet many diseases. They are present on the most of the places on earth. Either you are at a playground or at your house, you have an equal chance of getting bitten by the mosquito. But if you notice there are some people that attract mosquitoes. As if they are the magnet for mosquitoes. Also, they are constantly bitten. While some of the other with them are not bitten. Why does that happen have you ever thought of that. Here are some of the thing that attract the mosquitoes the most.

Dark Colors

Dark Colours attracts the mosquito. This is because this can help them locate the exact location of the victim and target them. Most numbers of the day to day target of mosquitoes are found in the shade or within the foliage. This makes them naturally attracted towards dark colour. If you are wearing clothes of dark colour, Than mosquitoes attracted towards you. As Compared to the person wearing light shade clothes. So if you want to avoid the mosquitoes, you can prefer the light clothes while going outside of the house.


Fragrances, they are known to attract the mosquitoes. They are known to be the strong magnet for the mosquitoes. So if you are using the perfumes or deodorants, you are giving an open invitation to the mosquitoes. To get away from this, avoid the use of perfume and perfumed shampoo, soaps or detergent. There are many unscented products available in the market. You can switch to these products, this will decrease the magnetic effect.


Mosquitoes are known to get attracted towards the movement. They can track their victim from a distance around 30 feet. The way they track their victim moment is by seeing the change in light around their victim. The light change that is caused by the moment. And hence they can track their victim and attack them. Also, you can’t control this thing so you can use body repellent on your body to avoid the mosquito attack.


Mosquitoes need water to breed and reproduce. This is the reason the are naturally attracted towards the area of water. Or also to the area that has high humidity level. Sweat is also a form of water for them. So they get a direct attraction to the human sweat. If the person has applied any repellent and if is sweating then the repellent will get washed away from the body. This makes them more attracted towards a particular person. To Avoid this always clean your sweat and you can avoid this problem to a great extent.

Carbon Dioxide

The thing that attracts the most for a mosquito is Carbon dioxide. They are attracted towards the carbon dioxide we exhale. They can detect the carbon dioxide from a long distance up to 75 feet. Mosquitoes have this natural attraction. Because they need protein and iron which they get from the Blood. And they will find the blood in a living person, who exhales Carbon Dioxide. This is why they are most attracted to the area where there are living breathing animals. They also breed and reproduce in this area most of the time. if you do exercise then you feel exhausted,
That release more carbon dioxide and it's like an invitation for mosquitoes.

Body Heat

They have a natural heat sensor, and they can track the heat around their surrounding. The heat of the body is that which is generated by the blood flow through the body of humans or animals. They can track the minor heat difference through the surrounding. This can help them find the victim and attack them. They get the help of both the exhale carbon dioxide and the body heat to target a breath living being.

Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid the other thing that attracts the mosquitoes. The lactic acid in our body is produced by many reasons. The reason can be the exercise you do or also the food you eat. If you do more exercise and increase the strain on your body muscle,
Then your body starts creating lactic acid. This lactic acid causes you feel the pain. And this is the main reason human body gets exhausted. Coming to the fruits, if you eat the fruit with a high amount of potassium and salt in it. Your body will release lactic acid. Like if you have a banana you will attract more mosquito than that if you have eaten watermelon.


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