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Moving with pets by support of movers and packers Kolkata

According to Top 5 movers and packers Kolkata, relocating pets is not a very easy task. Pets are very sensitive to the environment, their surroundings etc. It is their way of making themselves feels secure about their place of residence. A sudden change in the same can cause a lot of trauma to the pet and thus one need to prepare the pet well in advance about the move.

Top 5 movers and packers Kolkata suggest, before you plan to move your pet, it is very important to take the pet for a thorough medical examination. The vet should be informed about the move. Movers and packers Kolkata recommend, you must also inform the new location where you plan to take your pet. This is important because in case you are moving overseas the pet will conduct the requisite examination that would help your pet meet up with the health standards of the new country or location. The pet needs to have complete check up done, so make sure you take it to the vet on time. Also you need to be careful about the vaccination. Make a list of the vaccination that have been administered and the ones that need to be given at a later time. Movers and packers Kolkata suggest, also ask your vet about the sedatives that can be given to the pet during the transportation. Sedatives are given so as to calm the animal down. Move is bound to make them nervous, so they are made to feel sleepy during the move, so that they are not uncomfortable during the same. In case your vet prescribes a sedative, make sure the same is clearly mentioned in the pet’s health book let along with the quantity that needs to best administered.

Important in pet relocation according to movers and packers Kolkata

Important according to movers and packers Kolkata, the second most important thing that needs to be take care off during the pet relocation is the carriage in which the pet will be transported. It’s but obvious that the original kennel or bird cage will not be used for the transportation and that the pet will have to travel in a carriage prescribed by the transportation company. Movers and packers Kolkata recommend, Thus make sure that you get the pet used to of the carriage at least two weeks in advance. A sudden change in place of residence can upset the pet and make it more nervous and thereby making it even more difficult to transport. Movers and packers Kolkata advice, make sure that the carriage that you use is comfortable for the pet and that the pet is not squeezed into the same. Also make sure that the water and feed container is properly attached and some dry feet is taped at the top of the carriage.

At the end movers and packers Kolkata recommend, finally you need to make a choice as to how you plan to transport the pet. In case the pet is travelling by road, try to take the pet out for long drives at least two three weeks in advance so that the pet is comfortable during the transportation. In case the pet is going by air, make sure you personally approach the airline and discuss with them about the move, so that all the necessary arrangements can be made to help the pet have a smooth move. Top 5 movers and packers Kolkata only offers best information.


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