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What to expect on a moving day?

This is the day to show how managed you plan things! Moving is another name of chaos you really don’t want to mess with. Coming straight to the point, relocating all your goods either home or an office, you always expect it to be smoother. Right! So, what are the things you can expect on your moving day?

Well, here we are sharing some experience with you for what to expect!

Movers on time

The first thing to expect on a moving day is that the moving staff should show up on time. Yes, if the relocators will show on time for the work, you might probably get good vibes about the move. If the Workers of moving company will pack and start loading goods on the truck would be the best thing you will expect.

On the other hand, the timings for all the process should also be followed. If moving household goods more than 2 bhk, give a check to the entry timings of locality for the big moving truck. Yes, there are some strict rules, for safety measures, big moving trucks aren’t allowed to commute in day timings. Well, also the routes should also be checked. If there is any underpass or some obstacle installed by RTO as height barrier, you have to opt an alternate route. This is not your job, but if it’s already done your homework, you can easily expect the arrival time of goods.

Relocating without damage

Just shared, if expecting goods in good condition, do some homework on the routes on which moving truck is routing. If there are any road barriers or height barriers, goods can be damaged during transportation.

Once all these things are done, just double check that the goods are loaded and safely handled by the team. Roads are never smoother when it comes to transport many small items in a truck! It’s better to take precautions before any mishappenings take place.

Easy there!

All good now! If the consignment is safely reached, just check the goods are safely delivered or not. If covered with a moving insurance, well, just don’t rely completely on that. Double check that all the fragile and important goods of households like television and so are safely handled and delivered.

Once all goods are unloaded from the truck, invite some friends for keeping an eye. It’s all because the unloading and shifting of goods from truck to house hardly take an hour or two. Like an average of 1 room per 30 minutes is the unloading speed, if the truck is unloading directly to your house. But if your new house is in the multistorey building, it might take time depending on the workers and also on the human efforts involved.

Once all the goods are safely delivered to their decided place, give a check or unwrap goods before the final payment is done and the moving truck leaves your place. Give it some time, offer them some snacks or food, as the best you can do and until the time, either family or friends can do these things in meanwhile time. It will always make you step on safer place instead of creating chaos for the broken goods.

All above-shared steps are in good faith! We all want you to experience a safer moving. But on the other hand, these shared steps can easily be followed and moving can be enjoyed with a little extra efforts. So, in the end, we wish you a very safe & happy relocation!

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