Tips for moving piano with and without packers and movers in Bhopal

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Move your piano with packers and movers Bhopal

Unbelievable tips for packing and moving of piano

Most of the music lovers loves piano because it is one the music instrument which is hard to play but enjoyable. Do you have piano in your home? Would you like to shift it because you’re going to change your location? If you must remember that you should not move piano with household goods. You should pack and move it separately. Here are some unbelievable tips for shifting of piano.

Hire professional packing moving service provider is a best and safe way for relocating of piano but you if you don’t want to trust on anyone and want to shift it by yourself then you need to be very-very attentive because there is no space for mistakes, your single small mistake can damage your instrument.

Tips for moving piano without packers and movers Bhopal

Tips for piano stuffing and transportation (Do it without removal service provider)

You will need extra hands: Piano heaviest music instrument in the world; it is not only heavy, it precious and awkward as well. You should not make an attempt to move it without any assistance; you will need some extra hands to pack as well as move. You just call your neighbor, friend or relative for that purpose.

Some parts of piano are very fragile like keyboard and woody area. You must think to secure woody surface and keyboard lid. Before starting packing you must accumulate right equipments like belts, straps and rope to hold it, a moving dolly to move it, thick and soft bubble sheets, blankets etc. You must have these equipments if you want to move it safely. It is too expensive to purchase a moving dolly, so you should take it on rent.

Be ready for packing

  1. First of all, you should cover its keyboard lid and woody area with bubble sheets. You can also use soft towel or blanket instead of bubble sheet. This work will protect your piano from dust as well as scratches.
  2. Protect the machinery part of piano. You just cover it with weightless blanket. Never touch the machinery part of piano while covering it.
  3. If possible then cover the upper part of piano with bubble sheet.

These are some simple tips to pack piano. It might be possible that you will have to lift your piano for packing. Tips to lift piano are give below.

Tips, how to hold piano in air

Weight of piano is near about 300 to 400 Kg, you will need the assistance of 6 or 7 people to lift it into air. So call your friends or hire some workers for this work.

It is highly recommendable for you that you should not hold your piano with legs because these are very fragile and can be damage if they will get pressure. Always lift it with upper part. Take the help of straps to hold it.

How to load a piano in moving? You must load your piano in truck with moving dolly, bind it with dolly and load it into truck but never forget to remove the wheels of moving dolly.


Move your piano with packers and movers in Bhopal

Piano is one of the heavy, awkward and valuable item. You need to assistance of professional packers and movers in Bhopal to shift or you must collect lots of tips if you would like to move it by own.

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