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Best packers and movers in thane with charges & reviews

Best packers and movers in thane with charges & reviews

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FAQs related to packing done by packers and movers Thane

General FAQs for packers and movers Thane

1.    What all will be packed: the packers and movers Thane are trained to pack each and every item that has been told to them. Now since they can pack the whole of the house, office, factory etc for you, it is you who is to take a decision regarding the items that you need to get packed. It is always advised that you pack all your important documents and valuables on your own rather than getting them packed from the professional packers and movers Thane. Not that they are going to lose the said items, however, it is better to be safe than sorry.
2.    How much time will the packers and movers take to pack?: the answer to this question will depend upon the amount of goods that need to be packed. Generally, the packers and mover take only a day to pack the goods, however, if it is a bigger area like a big fully established office or a factory, the packers and movers Thane will take at least two to three days to cover the whole area. In case of household goods, the packers and movers do the packing as well as the moving on the very same day. This is very convenient still, it is better if you can convince them to do the packing on one day and the moving on the other. Since doing everything on the same day can lead to a lot of haphazard packing and moving.

Types of packing done by packers and movers in Thane

3.    How will they pack: there are mainly two ways of packing, the first one being the room wise packing and the second one being the article wise packing? In case of room wise packing, the packers and movers will focus on the room from which the packing is to being. For example if they start from the master bedroom, the packers and movers will pack each and every item present in that room in a container and seal the same before marking the room which has been packed. In this kind of packing there is no segregation of goods as per their size or nature and everything is packed in a specific carton. In case of article wise packing, the packers and movers in Thane will separate the kitchen articles like utensils etc from the crockery, the bed linen will be packed separately and the wardrobe in a separate carton. As regards the electronics, the packers and movers will separate the bigger from the smaller and pack them according to their shape and size. Both types of packing have their own advantages and disadvantages. Advantages in case of room wise packing is you can simply unload the carton in the specific room and start unpacking without running all around the house looking for items. Disadvantage being the haphazard packing of all the items. In the other case, the advantage is the separate packing however disadvantage being that you would be required to open all the cartons at the same time to rearrange the goods.
4.    What material will be used to pack: packers and movers in Thane use excellent and superior quality packing material. The packing material for the fragile items will be different from the rest. The furniture will be packed in a blanket wrap and the fragile items in bubble wrap. All the items will be covered with a plastic sheet so as to water proof the same.

FAQs related to moving done by movers and packers Thane

General FAQs related to movers and packers Thane

1.    When should the truck reach you: it is very important to decide upon the date and time at which the truck should reach you? This will be dependent upon the fact that will you be packing and moving on the same day or will you be packing a day in advance and moving the next day. Usually movers and packers Thane prefer the first option. In which case the movers and packers Thane will pack the articles and load them at the same time i.e. the moment the articles are packed they will be put outside for loading. In such cases you must call for the truck on the same day as packing. Where as in case you want to have slow and peaceful moving you can ask for the truck to be sent on the day after the packing has been done. Whatever is your choice; you must discuss the same with the mover and then only go ahead with the whole procedure.
2.    When and how should the loading take place: one needs to be very careful regarding the loading of the goods? Properly trained staff should be provided for the loading. You must make sure that the movers and packers Thane are taking proper care in loading your goods. Further to this you must also make sure that all the bulky items are loaded at the front of the truck (close to the wall separating the driver’s cabin from the rest of the truck) and that the less bulky items should be placed next followed by the fragile and lighter items. Also make sure that all the items have been properly sealed and chained before the moving takes place.

Movers and packers in Thane provide you different modes of transport

3.    What are the different modes of moving your goods: the movers and packers in Thane can provide you different modes of transportation i.e. relocation via road, sea or air. You can also relocate your goods via rail, but in that case you would not require movers and packers in Thane. Depending upon the amount of the goods and the distance to be travelled, the mode of transportation is decided. If you have only a couple of bags, you can transport the same via air, especially if it’s an overseas relocation. If however you have too much luggage which needs to be transported to a foreign location, you can book a container on the ship and if it’s just a few thousand kilometres and that too within the country, its best to hire a truck.
4.    How will the cost be decided: the cost will be dependent upon the distance to be travelled and the total weight of the goods that are to be relocated? In case of road, the company will charge you as per the kilometre rate.
5.    What all documents should you keep with you when your goods are moved: you must have copy of the bill specifying the charges, the list of goods that are being transported, the documents related to insurance, a photocopy of the vehicles registration certificate and the drivers license.


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