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Best packers and movers in cochin with charges & reviews

Best packers and movers in cochin with charges & reviews

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Strategizing your move with packers and movers Cochin

Moving is all about strategy. Bigger organisation including the military also strategizes and plans their move. A strategically planned moved not only saves you a lot of time but also helps you in organising it in a better manner. A move as normal as a local household relocation if strategized well can help you save a lot of time and effort! This article will help you build a simple packing strategy in order to make a smooth move.

First and foremost make a list of all the items that need to be packed. Also label each carton so as to avoid any confusion. In cases where in you are hiring movers and packers ask them to deliver a few cartons in advance. This will give you ample amount of time to pack your wardrobe.  While packing the wardrobe try to fill your big shopping bags with bulky closet items such as shoes, sweaters, belts, and jeans.

On the day of move, place the shopping bags containing shoes and other bulky items in the bottom of the carton and then keep your other clothes on top. Stack the hanging items tightly together so things won't move around and fall off of hangers. Always keep bulky items at the bottom and then fill the box with lighter items. Glassware etc can also be packed in between your pillows, but be sure to label the same or else you’ll end up braking most of the items. Make sure the box is not too heavy. A heavy carton will easily give way and you’ll end up wasting more time in repacking.

Colour coordination without movers and packers Cochin

 Colour coordination is a very good strategy. Try to give a colour to each room for example give green to kitchen, blue to electronics, red to wardrobe etc. Get coloured stickers from the market as pet the coordination and stick the same on the respective cartons. This will help you save a lot of time and energy during the unpacking and rearrangement. In case you are hiring professional packers and movers Cochin you can explain them about the colour and ask them to place the items according to the same in the respective rooms.

Organise your move. Segregate our items. Try to keep things together for example, all the books be it novels, study books, magazines etc should be packed together. Bulbs including table lamps, hanging lamps etc should be packed together. Extension cords should be kept with appliances. All the charges should be kept with their respective item. While packing bigger items live television, washing machine make sure you place the screws/ nuts used for installing such items in a zip pouch or small packet. Also place the packet in the same box as the appliance so as to keep it safe and secure. Try to keep picture hooks with pictures, shelf brackets with a bookcase etc. Always keep a miscellaneous box ready. Pack all the left over items like nails, hooks, curtain rings etc in the box and mark it with different colours as to help you locate the item correctly and easily.

A little bit of strategized planning will take you a long way and save you from the unnecessary hassle and tension.


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